“Saturated Fat & Cholesterol Lies” from “Fat Head” (2008)

This is a deliberately satirical comment on the whole saturated fat vs sugar debate with particular emphasis on saturated fat and cholesterol and how we have been “led down the garden path” by the pharmaceutical giants with medically-misguided “expert” opinions for decades. Like all good satire, it is a humorous, candid, sarcastic and heavily biased critique…and so it should be, given the magnitude of the misconception…

At the heart of the comment, are little facts (which are really very big facts) such as: “to date NO scientific proof has been provided that a high saturated fat diet causes heart disease”…probably because it doesn’t!..; or the juicy truth that eating saturated fat raises HDL levels – the so called “good cholesterol”. So, what gives: this isn’t what we have been told for 50 years – all that I can say is :”watch the video and go through everything else on the CTJ Fat vs Sugar site and form your own opinion.

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Everything we’ve been taught about saturated fat and cholesterol as bad for us IS WRONG!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I hope that you enjoyed that video – I found it a lot of fun and very revealing indeed. It kind of makes you a bit mad that we have been treated like idiots for so long – doesn’t it? well, it makes me feel that way anyhow – especially watching the old black and white video footage and seeing for myself that there were good scientific opinions back then that were simply squashed in favour of the nonsense Low fat High Carb diet that has been slowly killing us! Senator McGovern – I have a few expletives for you after watching that, but luckily CTJ will never publish profanity…

Saturated Fat & Cholesterol Lies

Fat vs Sugar – satirical video comment on the saurated fat vs sugar debate | CTJ Inspiring you to achieve your Optimal Nutrition objectives


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