Eight Doctors Talk About The Myths of Cholesterol and Saturated Fat

Cholesterol is absolutely vital to the function of Life!

Here’s a video that puts a smile on my face – as a young and enthusiastic student biochemist, I learnt in the 1980’s that cholesterol was a critical component in many functions of our body. Yet it seems that those medical biochemistry facts that have been known for some time simply disappeared under a mire of negativity in the past few decades. It never really surprised me that media hype latched on to cholesterol as the “bad guy” for so long, but what I could never really understand is how the medical fraternity climbed onto the bandwagon as well. How did they all manage to get it so wrong and what has taken more knowledgeable and free-thinking medical professionals so long to speak up and sound the alarm?  That’s why I am smiling now – finally, there is a groundswell of doctors and nutritionists who are speaking up about cholesterol and starting to tell us some truths (not necessarily all medical doctors just yet – that will take a bit longer). Cholesterol is not the bad guy – as one of the doctors in this video put it : “blaming cholesterol for atherosclerosis and heart disease, is like blaming the fireman for the fire”.  It is time that we understood the real villain that has contributed to cholesterol having been given such a bad rap - sugar, stress, inflammation – those are the bad guys! Cholesterol is just coming along to try its best to do some inflammation repairs and keep us sane and alive!

Have a watch and listen – this is just an accumulation of a few thoughts from eight doctors giving their perspective and research on the topic of Cholesterol and Saturated Fat and the role they play in human nutrition. If this is the first time that you have heard that cholesterol may in fact be good for you, you are going to find this interesting, if not disturbing…


Enjoy!  Drop your commenst below and let me know what you think.

Eight Doctors Talk About The Myths of Cholesterol and Saturated Fat

Fat vs Sugar – cholesterol video discussions from eight doctors posted by CTJ | Inspiring you to achieve your Optimal Nutrition objectives with the help of Crunch The Jungle


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