Dr Peter Attia challenges medical thinking on obesity

Fat vs Sugar and the relationship of obesity to diabetes

Dr Peter Attia, a medically qualified surgeon, presenting on Ted.com in April 2013, “puts his career on the line” (in his own words) in the belief that current medical opinion about obesity may be wrong – his challenge may seem small when you first hear it, but think about it and it is fundamental in its importance – the challenge that Peter raises is based on the importance of correctly understanding “cause and effect” – at the moment, conventional medical opinion is that obesity causes diabetes, but Dr Peter Attia puts it to us in this very powerful TED video that we may have this cause and effect the wrong way around: “what if obesity is a proxy and in fact a coping mechanism for diabetes and not the other way around”.

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Dr Peter Attia is a very interesting man and is someone whom I think the world will look back at some day and thank for the tremendous role that he has played in bringing legitimacy to the whole fat vs sugar debate, and specifically the obesity and cholesterol debate. I say “legitimacy” because one of the issues with challenging any entrenched knowledge, such as the common medical beliefs that surround saturated fats and cholesterol, is that there are generally very few people from within the realm of the medical world who are prepared to stand up and question what they have been taught, and what they have believed for so many years. As such, often the challenges to these beliefs come from outside of the medical fraternity, and this makes it so easy for the legitimacy of these challenges to be attacked by the media; the pharmaceutical industry; and the medical profession at large – it is so easy to discard and discredit well-founded and well-considered opinions on a subject, with a simple comment of (something like) “…well he or she is not a medical doctor, so what do they know”…I have heard that comment so often and it riles me to the core. And this is why Dr Peter Attia is such an important person in this movement that I believe will eventually bring forth the solution to the obesity problems facing the world today. Here is a man, who has had the courage to ask the hard questions of his medical profession and to reach his own conclusions, even though they may fly in the face of traditional beliefs and perspectives.

What I find fascinating about Dr Attia’s approach, is the manner in which he has not only used medical science to back up his views (and continues to build on this very pro-actively), but he has put himself out as a “real life experiment”, documenting his own life experience in a scientific manner. His life story is fascinating and offers a very compelling story in favour of a Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet – he has taken this to the extreme of a full-blown nutritional ketosis state for the past few years. Here is a quote from Peter’s blog that really rings true for me : “During the fifth year of my residency (as a in general surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, USA) I became a bit frustrated with certain aspects of medicine and health care, in general. In particular, I grew tired of the notion that we (doctors) did little to keep patients healthy, and were basically the last line of defense against, well, death, once patients become ill. The concept of “preventative medicine” received some lip service, but didn’t really have any chops as far as I could tell”. Even more impressive, Dr Peter Attia has realised that a “one man experiment” would never be enough to offer scientific proof to the medical fraternity, and with this in mind he co-founded the Nutritional Science Initiative (NuSi) in 2012, where he makes it clear that at NuSi “we are not invested in particular outcomes. We are invested in finding scientifically sound solutions. We are also fully committed to communicating the results of this research to scientists, policy makers, advocacy groups, the media, and the general public. We look forward to the day when NuSI is no longer necessary, when – with the full support of rigorous science – we can choose with informed confidence what we and our families need to eat to be healthy”.

Dr Peter Attia is a man that we all need to get to know – his opinions, and those of NuSi are going to be of fundamental importance in the years to come.  If the TED video above got your attention, then invest a bit more time and watch the video below that will hopefully leave you with a clear acknowledgement that here is a man that can put forward the science that is needed to change a dogmatic medical belief that if not changed, will slowly kill our world.

Dr Peter Attia, gets 10 out of 10 from Optimal Nutrition at Crunch The Jungle (CTJ).

Get the low down on cholesterol from a qualified Medical Doctor

The video is a recording of Dr Peter Attia, MD presenting at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (AHS12).

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Dr Peter Attia leads medical opinion in the fat vs sugar debate

Fat vs Sugar – obesity and diabetes comment video posted by CTJ | Inspiring you to achieve your Optimal Nutrition objectives


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