Presenting the common understanding of cholesterol – right or wrong?

Common understanding of cholesterol and its role in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

CTJ always believes in giving you all the information that you need to make a proper informed decision in the interests of your own optimal nutrition and health. CTJ is of the view that in the Fat vs Sugar debate, saturated fat is the one that has been given a bad rap over the years and incorrectly so – mixed up in this, has been the slander of cholesterol, which is actually a very important survival compound in our bodies. This video series presents cholesterol in the commonly understood medical dogma and goes on to explain how cholesterol can exist and function in both so called “good” and “bad” forms. Let me state categorically that CTJ does NOT agree with the way that cholesterol is reported to function in the initiation of atherosclerosis in this video series, but at the same time I consider it important that readers do understand commonly held medical opinions, otherwise how on earth can you be expected to recognise the flaws in these arguments and subsequently form your own opinions. It is for this reason that I have posted these three videos as to their credit they do present the common “dogma” opinion very well and they are easy to understand – also, it is only the role of cholesterol in the initiation of atherosclerosis that I take exception to (at least in the first video, but I take exception to few more things as the videos progress) – the actual progression and impact of atherosclerosis is beautifully well presented in the videos, so I give the producers of the videos full marks for that! This may help you to better understand some of the broader discussions on cholesterol, posted elsewhere on the CTJ site and through this, you will then be in a better position to form your own opinions – CTJ is always of the view that at the end of the day it is really only YOUR opinion that counts when it comes to YOUR health – not some misguided medical practitioner or pharmaceutical giant…

Watch these three videos and see if you can identify the fundamental points that some of the newer, controversial views on cholesterol, would seek to differ on – post your comments below.

Cholesterol isn’t inherently “bad,” but too much of it can cause a plethora of problems! Keep watching for the cholesterol basics (that Pharma giants would like us to believe…).

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Taking a long-term view on cholesterol lowering statins

Whilst the video series above indicated the commonly-held view of cholesterol in its function relating to atherosclerosis and went on to inform the viewer how important medically-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs are to keep your cholesterol levels in balance (in their view), the video interview of Dr. Peter Glidden below gives you a longer-term perspective of the blind adoption of this dogmatic view, specifically on statins. What I really like about this video, is not just the way that Dr Glidden deals with the role of cholesterol, but the way that he so clearly articulates the thinking behind naturopathic medicine. As always, CTJ will lead you in a direction, but give you some of both sides of the story so that you can make your own decisions – in our own view, it is never all one-sided: if you have developed a tumour, you cannot suddenly switch to a naturopathic way of life and forget the tumour – the damage is already done and you have to deal with it in a normal mediacl way, but take it as a serious wake-up call and going forward consider a naturopathic way and give yourself a fighting chance with optimal nutrition that will then put you in the best possible position to prevent the diseased state from manifesting and coming back with a vengeance .

Watch the video and post your comments and thoughts below.

So many people go to the doctor with high cholesterol and end up on a statin or cholesterol lowering drug for years, if not their entire lives.
Dr Peter Glidden featured in this video, has a Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from Bastyr University, Seattle. Find out more about Dr Peter Glidden here.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

What is Cholesterol – How it really functions

Fat vs Sugar – how cholesterol functions video|CTJ Inspiring you to achieve your Optimal Nutrition objectives


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