Cholecystokinin – Hunger Hormone Deluxe!

How cholecystokinin functions to satiate your hunger

This is a fantastic little video clip wherein Matt O’Neill, BSpSc, MSc(Nut&Diet) from Metabolic Jumpstart very plainly explains (with the help of a balloon to represent your stomache) how two main hormones, Grehelin and Cholecystokinin function to satiate and suppress your hunger. It is a great little physical demonstration of what goes on and how these hormones also interact with mechanical receptors positioned on your stomache wall, but it doesn’t bore you with any of the biochemical detail – the bit that Matt doesn’t get into is how cholecystokinin is integrally linked to the ingestion of fats and proteins (notably, there is no link to the ingestion of sugars and this is really important and explained in the CTJ Fat vs Sugar linked article).

Matt O’Neill shows how to work with your hunger hormones to re-wire your appetite. He also gives some very useful information in this video on why it is important to eat slowly and how doing so can help to suppress your appetite and hence help you to lose weight – and, he directly links this to the action of cholecystokinin (CKK).

Enjoy this quick, light-hearted, but very useful little demonstration video on cholecystokinin and how it helps to regulate your hunger. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.
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Cholecystokinin – Hunger Hormone Deluxe!

Fat vs Sugar – how cholecystokinin acts to satiate your hunger pangs – video | CTJ Inspiring you to achieve your Optimal Nutrition objectives


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  • stupidnamenoonecares says:

    @Forsure3333 that is strictly speaking “a diet”. and yes it’s really all
    you need to do to lose weight if your overweight. if your obese it’s a
    little trickier because your hormones can be out of whack. it’s still best
    to count your calories for a few weeks so you get an idea if your on the
    right track. there are other hormones that help too. it’s a case of
    listening to your body and doing the right thing by it.

  • NekoUrsula says:

    Thanks this was very informative!

  • OkiePoki says:

    @Forsure3333 Well, that’s true. But u have to take into account what you
    are eating as well!

  • deiuos says:

    Dieting is necessary. You could eat a high-caloric meal real slow, and
    still gain weight. Also, CCK is produced by the beginning of the small
    intestine, and not the stomach. The Duodenal mucosa to be more specific.

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